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My first meeting with homeopathy led to me studying homoeopathy at The College of Practical Homeopathy (CPH, London) between 2000 - 2004 .  My passion for homeopathy began in the early 90´s with the ‘miraculous’ cure within 24 hours of my then 18 month old son’s painful symptoms, from which he had suffered for 6 months without any relief from the medical treatment he had been prescribed.  Not only did he recover from his acute symptoms, he also recovered from the regular bouts of tonsillitis, conjunctivities, fever etc. he used suffer. Since then, homeopathy has successfully cured my family from a number of ailments, including coughs and colds, gastritis, injuries etc.

Homeopathy is an excellent tool when treating diagnosed as well as undiagnosed symptoms. I often say that we can compare ourselves to an onion. For every suppressed disease state or emotional trauma we add another layer and by treating the different layers patients recover their health, or in many cases become healthy for the first time.
After 20 odd years in London I returned to my hometown, Gothenburg, in 2008 and am now practicing in Järnbrott, Gothenburg, and at Hälsosjälen i Mölndal together with a highly skilled team of therapists including an acunpunturist, councellor, osteopath and a remedial massage therapist. I offer consultations in English and Swedish.

Våglängdsgatan 26
421 33 Västra Frölunda
031 788 0047 / 0706 202 278
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